• Tina Bradley Gain

Creative Self-Care

What IS Creative Self-Care? Taking action expressed through creativity that leads to caring for self and overall well-being.

Creative Self-Care is healing therapy. For anyone. You don't need any 'artistic talent'. Picking up a pencil and doodling. Cooking an Italian feast for family and friends. Gardening. Painting on walls, stones or canvas. Yes! All these actions are creative and healing.

We ALL need a form of healing therapy in a world that seems to be spinning out of control. It is called, Creative Self-Care. So much of our precious energy is sucked away keeping up with the pace of life. It is no wonder people are so exhausted in today's world!

photo credit: Yuris Alhumayd on Unsplash

Want to bring back some of that energy? Anything created by your hands is a true reflection and expression of who YOU are. Creative Self-Care heals from the inside out. Ever hear of, 'your outer self reflects what's going on inside of you'? I believe there is some truth to that.

Each day, I paint and/or write. When I practice Creative Self-Care, I feel alive, happy, content and loving whatever shows up in life. I look forward to what each day brings. My outlook on life is positive. For me, painting and writing bring energy to a life that I am meant to live. Creative Self-Care has called me back to living life fully as a perfectly imperfect human being.

And, I am grateful for this simple way to invest in my overall well-being. I invite you to gift yourself 15-30 minutes a day for Creative Self-Care. There is no need to be 'perfect'. Just be FREE with whatever you do. It is being free to BE that brings well-being and great joy.

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