• Tina Bradley Gain

Creative Self-Care

What IS Creative Self-Care? Taking action expressed through creativity that leads to caring for self and overall well-being.

Creative Self-Care is healing therapy. For anyone. You don't need any 'artistic talent'. Picking up a pencil and doodling. Cooking an Italian feast for family and friends. Gardening. Painting on walls, stones or canvas. Yes! All these actions are creative and healing.

We ALL need a form of healing therapy in a world that seems to be spinning out of control. It is called, Creative Self-Care. So much of our precious energy is sucked away keeping up with the pace of life. It is no wonder people are so exhausted in today's world!

Want to bring back some of that energy? Anything created by your hands is a true reflection and expression of who YOU are. Creative Self-Care heals from the inside out. Ever hear of, 'your outer self reflects what's going on inside of you'? I believe there is some truth to that.

Each day, I paint and/or write. When I practice Creative Self-Care, I feel alive, happy, content and loving whatever shows up in life. I look forward to what each day brings. My outlook on life is positive. For me, painting and writing bring energy to a life that I am meant to live. Creative Self-Care has called me back to living life fully as a perfectly imperfect human being.

And, I am grateful for this simple way to invest in my overall well-being. I invite you to gift yourself 15-30 minutes a day for Creative Self-Care. There is no need to be 'perfect'. Just be FREE with whatever you do. It is being free to BE that brings well-being and great joy.

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