• Tina Gain

Community Canvas Project

What IS the Community Canvas Project? The simple explanation is the use of canvas and paint in which a group of individuals are able to express themselves non-verbally through color play. But, it goes much deeper than that. The Community Canvas Project places importance on connecting through creativity facilitating healing within community.

The conception and birth of the Community Canvas Project began with the onset of many simultaneous changes within the Family Birth Center at Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center in Oregon. These changes created stress and uncertainty among many of the nursing staff members. Morale was at an all-time low.

With the support of the unit's nursing management as well as generosity in providing the art supplies and designated private space in the unit, Community Canvas was born. The intention of this Community's Canvas was to decrease stress and create harmonious community through colorplay.

The Community embraced the opportunity to express their thoughts using words, symbols and color. The canvas began to take on a life of it's own in only 2-3 months! An amazing shift in thought and action was happening and morale was improving considerably. What happened next is a testamonial in the strength of commitment, values and love within a Community.

Below you will see an individual's expression, which obscured most of the Community's original work. This expression was perceived by the Community as "anger" due to the nature of how the room was left during this event. The Community was understandably shocked. They verbally expressed their disbelief and sadness for the individual. And yes, there was some anger. Although the actions were not understood or condoned, an amazing thing happened......

unexpected contribution

This Community came together to own and protect their original intention for creating their canvas---Harmonious Community. They were determined to represent their Community as one that values togetherness, compassion, caring, kindness and LOVE for each other and others. The healing that resulted from this Community's decision to shift this situation is awe-inspiring. This Community chose light and positivity refusing to be defined by the negativity of one individual's darkness. Here is their beautiful response:

True Community!

Pretty AMAZING, huh? This Community IS amazing! Wondering about the morale? To the Moon and beyond! This is what 'Community' is all about. Read more about Community Canvas Project offerings under the Services Tab.

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