• Tina Gain


There is always a beginning, isn't there? Who would've guessed that creating a website would be such a 'process'. Indeed, a necessary step in getting comfortable with my vulnerability. It's pretty scary to put my creations out "there" for any and all to see. There are definitely vulnerabilities with new beginnings.

It is no secret that I have a life long passion for playing with color. I love it! As a young child, I used my Crayolas. In high school, I fell in love with canvas, brushes and paint. LOTS of paint!! Throughout the years, babies came, my career blossomed, moved cross-country and I longed to find time to paint. Yes, there were many efforts, but it was only when my dear father passed away in 2009 that I became obsessed with using color to express what I couldn't verbalize. I was able to heal my intense grief through painting the Oregon Coast (look at Solitude painting). Painting has helped me through my darkest times. There have been many. Painting allowed a connection to a release from deep inside. It brought joy again.

In my work with women and families, I've seen tremendous joy and sorrow. We all embrace the joy and happiness in our lives. But, what do we do when we face dark and uncertain times? No one is immune and some are stronger than others. Research has indicated that use of color is healing and when movement is added (i.e. using hands, brushes, etc. to create), one's emotions are released in a healthy, safe 'container' with whatever medium is used. With that said......

It is my dream and intention to bring connection through creativity in communities. Fun and relaxation! When was the last time you just threw caution to the wind and picked up a brush full of color to see what would happen? Many won't feel they are 'artistic enough' to paint. Here's a little secret: No artistic talent is required! None. Nada. Zippo!

As I am still developing my website, there will be more information on how I desire to bring Art to communities. I welcome you to enjoy my website and feel free to reach out if you have questions or suggestions. I am grateful for your support and openess to Creative Community!

Creating Art from the Heart,


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