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Life without Art is just ‘Eh’…..  


I cannot imagine living without creating. Creating beauty is my sacred place to truly BE.  As well, it is my belief that creating is deeply healing.  I work in watercolor, acrylics and oils lending to an open, diverse creative flow and anticipation for what experiences each day will bring no matter the subject matter. The purity of Nature is what brings me the greatest inspiration for creating beauty through painting.  Capturing Nature's numerous moments of tranquility quiets my mind lending to true ease and profound joy in all aspects of my life. As color and brushstrokes tell the story of tender moments within the many relationships with humans, nature, animals and birds, the emotional connection is almost overwhelming as I re-create the healing power of love.


My work is influenced by the Impressionist Artists.  I resonate with Degas, Monet, Manet and Cassett's, love of light and movement, loose brushstrokes and color palettes. Furthermore, the works of Shiloh Sophia and her Intentional Creativity Movement has been inspirational in painting the Divine Feminine using symbolism and intention as well as teaching others the value of intuitive painting that provides inner healing on so many levels.  


Creating beauty brings such a feeling of pure bliss as I see story and vision coming to life on canvas through color. My paintings are created with Intention, trusting the process, letting go of the outcome and embracing the imperfections. I have come to realize that any imperfection is the ultimate perfection and that there are no mistakes in creating. Creating is a life-force that commands truth, nurturing, patience and love. Creating is my passion. The Purpose of my Art is to provide a connection to healing self through creativity.


I am impassioned to impart the ease and happiness I receive from painting to those who seek a safe place for inner expression that will facilitate self-care and healing.  I believe that every one has the ability to create. The "a Ha!" moments and joy of releasing the Artist from Within is transformative in all aspects of life. I am grateful for the opportunity to present my work with the intention to bring an awareness of the unlimited beauty that is within and all around. 

It's all about following one's path...

"Turning toward something you love,

  saves you......"